XL Marokk table white stained Ø 85 cm


XL Marokk table white stained Ø 85 cm

Product no.: MT-8/w

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Beautiful can not be the oriental touch!


Moroccan table with a beautiful antique stained frame and tray.
Each tray is unique with respect to patterns, shape and surface. All trays come from Morocco
and are several years old. The pattern may be different on every order.
The frame was made in Morocco by hand.
Each table is hand crafted from unique. Partly deviations and irregularities such as scratches
or small bumps are not to be considered defects.
  • Frame Colour: white
  • Tray: Silver matt antique (the pattern may differ from the picture)
  • Material: high quality aluminum / wood 
  • Diameter: 85 cm
  • Height: 49 cm
When the tablet is an antique tray from Morocco, which is very rare in the size
The decoration shown is not supplied

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