The Polish Pottery with the new, modern style in black is a special reserved Edition for HOUSE of IDEAS.

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New Polish pottery serving bowl black Ø 32.5 cm UNIKAT

Product no.: 100s/3-14-C

49.90 *

New Bunzlauer ceramic bowl UNIKAT Ø 12 cm

Product no.: 100s/3-12-C

16.90 *

New Polish pottery casserole oval UNIKAT 36 x 27 cm

Product no.: 102-s/02-C

54.90 *

New Bunzlauer ceramic bowl UNIKAT Ø 28 cm

Product no.: 100s/3-10-C/2

49.90 *

New Large serving plate Polish pottery 36.5 cm

Product no.: 100/40-S

34.95 *

Saucer for espresso cups Polish Pottery

Product no.: 200s/21-UE

5.30 *
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can be shipped within 3 bis 5 days

New Serving bowls Bunzlauer ceramic oval

Product no.: 100s/780

16.95 *

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